Thinking about a vacation in Mexico one immediately remembers carnivals in Cancun, white beaches of Acapulco or day-and-night parties in Mexico City. But knowledgeable tourists say that it’s in Queretaro that one finds really unforgettable leisure.

This town is smaller than well-promoted resorts of Mexico, but one can find here entertainment to satisfy any taste, starting with unusual mountain routes and finishing with major tourist centers with their own restaurants, clubs and shops. Nevertheless, the most popular leisure pastime is surely enjoying the company of Queretaro prostitutes, which attract crowds of vacationers from all parts of the world.

Advantages and disadvantages of the actual pick-up

Many clients prefer to see a girl before inviting her on an intimate date, that’s why remote pick-up is not for them. For example, the specialists from intimate portal state that the street pick-up has the following advantages:

  1. The pastime with prostitutes can be combined with other activities of your vacation. Often prostitutes look for their clients in entertainment establishments of Queretaro, so a guy can choose a call girl without disrupting his leisure in a club or at a discotheque. If there are no available cuties in the night fun place, they are sure to be found at the entrance or in the nearest side street.
  2. Personal acquaintance. For some men, it’s important to have a mutual attraction with the girl (even if she is a prostitute) which is possible only in personal pick-up. This way he can evaluate her appearance, how well she is groomed and how she behaves, all these factors help him understand if she arouses him erotically.
  3. Guarantee. If a man picks up a prostitute personally in the street or at a nightclub, he can be sure that he’ll have a passionate date exactly with the cutie he’s chosen.

Nevertheless, the street pick-ups have some undisputable drawbacks as well – for instance, there is a high risk of meeting a cheater, many girls have only a minimal range of skills, the danger of contracting an unpleasant disease also is quite substantial. In addition, no one can guarantee that you’ll meet a desirable prostitute right away at the first pick-up venue – sometimes a client has to stop by at 3-4 booze-and-fun places to meet a putana he likes.

The benefits of online dating

Besides the actual pick-ups, in Queretaro one can choose and order a prostitute to his taste remotely at some specialized sex dating sites like This kind of dating has some strong points, too:

  1. The unique speed. It takes 10-15 minutes to filter up the available girls and choose the most attractive one, especially using the function of the advanced search.
  2. Great diversity. One can’t find more than 10 prostitutes in the same street in Queretaro, whereas on one page of a specialized site there are at least 30-50 profiles of putanas.
  3. The client’s safety. Sometimes at pick-up places there are some suspicious people that may be quite dangerous for a client. But he won’t even have to get up from his sofa if he decides to date via the internet and invite cuties to his territory.
    Of course, the online dates have some drawbacks as well, such as expecting the desired girl, but seeing someone very different coming instead. There are some cheaters on dating sites, as well. Nevertheless, the risks for the client’s safety are considerably smaller and foreigners in Mexico are advised to pick up prostitutes via the internet.

The same tendency like they have in Latin America is common also in South-east Asia. In sex tourism locations like Malaysia or Singapore the web based advertising is most dominant and preferred because security reasons. Escorts ordered from the web are most likely exactly the ones you have seen on pictures and videos before the date. Also you can easily compare the girls on such big escort directory websites like Devozki and others.

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